Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The Project was discussed on 10-11-2007 by our former DPH&PM. Dr.PADMANABAN.MBBS.,DPH., with Sri.Dharmendrapradap Yadav I.A.S., District Collector.
Collector has in Principle accepted the Proposal Immediatly.

1). Name of the Project : Vellore HUD Mechanised Laundry
2). Type of Organisation : To be run by District Health Society
3). Funding Agency : D.R.D.A, Vellore

The Innovative project is Running Successfully.

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  1. Vellore H.U.D. Mechanised laundry first of it's kind in catering services specifically for P.H.C.s is a appreciable innovation.Now this project does significant work in field of outsourcing also under the able guidance of our Deputy Director,it will touch further heights.
    Service with innovation to the needy is called VELLORE HEALTH UNIT DISTRICT team.
    T.S.Rajasekaran Health Inspector Vellore